Digital Collage: Floral Potrait

Digital Collage: Floral Potrait - student project

Being a design student I've always wanted to learn & get better at working digitally, and your classes have been the best. Thank you for sharing your invaluable knowledge with us. There were so many things I wasn't aware of and got to learn especially layers. I had so much fun making these and I hope I get better at it ^_^

Digital Collage: Floral Potrait - image 1 - student project

I made the one above after practising a few times on friends' portraits and the one thing I've noticed is that it's really difficult to stop working on the collage, there's always so much more you can add and change and I was never satisfied with how it looked, but I finally realised is that it's not necessary to have loads of elements for it to look good and less is more. 

I made the ones below to test out the tools & familiarize myself with the process so they don't really look perfect, but I'm including them here to show you my process.

Digital Collage: Floral Potrait - image 2 - student project

Digital Collage: Floral Potrait - image 3 - student project