Digital Batiks

Digital Batiks - student project

I might have gone a little overboard doing these little watercolor swatches, these are just two of the 8 pages that I filled just playing with color combinations.

Digital Batiks - image 1 - student project

Brightened up the peachy pink one and cleaned up the edges. I absolutely love the brush finish on the edge!

Digital Batiks - image 2 - student project

Turned a chunk of it into a repeating tile. 

Digital Batiks - image 3 - student project

One with a little more of a gradient.

Digital Batiks - image 4 - student project

Used the repeating tile and the gradient for these with some straight-up texture in the middle.

Digital Batiks - image 5 - student project

Layering on a digital stamp from an old project in white:

Digital Batiks - image 6 - student project

It got really interesting to start layering the textures on top of each other and messing about with the size of the patterns. It kind of looks like batik fabric!

Digital Batiks - image 7 - student project

Thank you for the awesome class, Teela! I've got so many ideas for ways to apply this to projects that I already have on the go. ;D

Jody Linn
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