Digital Art

I think this course was intersting and indeed a lot of work than i thought, yet digging it. Its kind of funny but after looking at my final piece well sort of, the reason i say that is because i would still like to work on it a bit more and give it particles to give it more pop but i think the project turned out alright as my first one and in a way, the animation reminds of something i would see off disney which is funny and didnt really think of it until i was finished with it, i alway had a dream to work as an animator for disney or pixar or any other company, i guess part of that influenced me to try this even if i didnt really think of it when i started this project.that it. I am not sure if my timing was ok, it took a lot of time trying to get the timing for each letter to flow smoothly and consistantly. I am not sure what i was trying to do or go for this project and while working on it decided to write digital art, part of the reason is because I want to incorporate something in my online portfolio, I thought this would be really interesting to do and have as a banner for one of my pages in my portfolio website to show everybody and since i am currently studying i graphic design maybe it will help me later.



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