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Digital Art

What are you good at? 

Working in photoshop, illustrator, cartoon characters, animation, idea refinement (script doctor) 

How do you want to spend your day?

9-5 while my daughter is at daycare, and to be able to pick her up and just be with her for the evening. I want to work remotely on a laptop or desktop, and be free to take care of appointments and errands as neccesary. I want the satisfaction of putting in a solid 8 hrs and be proud of the output.

What do you want to produce?

I want to create characters, logos, graphics, stock art, icons, animations, motion graphics for clients in start ups, podcasts, new stores, help with branding, help refine ideas.

How will others benefit from working with you?

Clients will get from me a sense of help without imposing my personal ideas on them. My strength is in execution and my function is to execute their idea for them. I will also lend my ideas when they have none of their own.

How will you advertise?

Word of mouth, linked in, facebook,blogsphere, pinterest.


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