Digital Art Creation for Beginners Using ArtRage | Skillshare Projects

Joel Bowers

Digital Artist and FileMaker Developer



Digital Art Creation for Beginners Using ArtRage

This project will be an easy and fun creation of a digital image using a series of crossing lines to create enclosed shapes of random sizes and shapes. Imagine a tic-tak-toe set of lines that curve and have many more than 2 going vertical and horizontal and perhaps diagonal.

The paint bucket tool allows you to instantly fill in those shapes without tediously trying to color inside the lines. Chosing a different color is a simple matter of selecting  a major color by clicking on it then selecting a hue or shade of that color by clicking on a nearly infinite set of shades that appear for your major color choice.

Lastly you will learn to export the result as a jpg file to save to your photos or attach to an email or upload to your favorite social network.

See my project outline at:


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