Digital Agency Fun Fun Funnel

Full disclosure, I don't have a funnel. It's literally me running into people, striking up a conversation, realizing they need a developer or designer, and doing work.

It's not reliable or repeatable and it has an awesome name:
"The Three Phase Long Term Retainer Passive Sales Process"


I started by breaking down a funnel for StoryBrand. They sell a book, coaching, and workshops for marketing. They have a podcast which is how I found out about them so that's where the funnel starts (for me).

I'm pretty sure this is a node-of-nodes inside a much larger Rube Goldberg-esque funnel. It's probably supposed to lead to buying coaching or attending a workshop eventually but the book is low hanging fruit and it's pitched extensively so I decided that's the Goal for this funnel: buy the book. Which I did. It's excellent.




Since I don't have a funnel I did some brainstorming to dream one up. I do have a sales process that I've been trying to implement for recent projects which is basically a bunch of discovery meetings that allow me to learn a ton about the business and deliver a solution they almost can't say no to. They invest in a project after discovery.

So I'm not sure if my Goal is to get a potential client to agree to discovery or go all the way to invest in a project. Still thinking it over.

I guess this is for running an ad. Here's my first draft:




The idea is that business owners are not going to invest in a high value web project without getting very comfortable with whoever is going to deliver it (my agency). So, the goal is to increase the number of times we interact to build a relationship (get them into a series of discovery meetings). 

Maybe I could start an email drip campaign and have that be the Goal - they get the audit results and then a series of educational emails. It's not the same as discovery...but it's building some rapport and it's less labor intensive.

Still thinking. Hmmmm, hmmm, hm.


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