Brandname – Digistix

What need does the brand fill? To allow buyers to express their individuality with our cutting edge technology. To entertain.

My market: Early Adopters, Youth Culture, “Cool Kids”, Tech Nerds, Kids who LIKE Street Art but aren’t skilled artists or perhaps are not willing to break the law.

How will I reach them: Online, Social, Guerrilla, Word of Mouth

What is the one message I want them to take away: Digistix are a killer new product that allows me to express myself and my individuality.

 What do we want them to do: Buy the product and use their own creativity to surprise and delight with the stickers. That in turn will raise the brand’s profile similar to tumblr.

 F*cking Hipsters

  1. Get Attention – We place Digistix all over urban areas or in high traffic suburban areas like malls with interesting and or funny content preloaded on the stickers to grab the users attention. Like little bitty wild postings.
  2. Engagement - The potential customer may instagram the Digistix in the wild and begin word of mouth. Also we could collaborate with designers or artists to put their content on the Digistix and promote those via online, social, mini wild postings channels.
  3. Have a Call to Action – Buy the product, impart their style and promote their own creations on Digistix and thereby raising the brands. Conversely if they arent inspired to create there would be an online store where people could download licensed content and/or "Stock Photos/Art".



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