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As a young professional in a tough job market, I have submitted to the power of networking increasingly over the past year.  What has not correspondingly increased, however, is my pile of business cards.  These trophies, rewards for hours of small talk, are often lost within a week, along with the stray shopping list and hair tie (where do those things go?!).  

This application provides a way to preserve those contacts, so that the free booze and appetizers are not the only rememberances of an event that can lead to a mentor or a new job.  It will provide a simple system in which you can organize your business cards (yes, people still hand them out), log your recent communications with that contact, and set reminders for when it is time to refresh your connections.  Unsure about the next steps?  Digidex will also share tips for following up with contacts and developing your own career plan.  

On the path to your dream job, Digidex makes the first step easy.


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