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Target Audience: Teens and even adults who are interested in a story about two similar characters who find themselves to be quite different from the people around them. For readers who take interest in cute stories with lovable characters.

Blurb: Beatrice (Bea) was 'different'. It was as easy as that. She had darker skin, her hair was rougher and bigger the whole shabang, however, that didn't stop her from a thing, in fact, it motivated her. She did everything like anyone else would. She shouldn't have to be ashamed of being black and she most certainly was not. Nor would she ever be.

Jack was most definitely different (as people would say). That's how everyone classified him. 'No normal'. 'Jack's a bit different.' Was a sentence he heard almost all his life and he was tired of it. Of course, Autism wasn't something everyone was accustomed to but that didn't mean they should treat him like some fragile little glass. He just wanted to be accepted for who he was and not be babied around all day long. He just wanted someone who understood him without bringing him down. And all it took was a club.

First Part:

When Jack was born his parents knew how hard it was going to be from the moment he first spoke and it was a bit delayed. But why would they dwell on such when their son was absolutely beautiful? They treated him just like they would treat all their other children if they ever had more than two.

From his early days in school, he always chose drawing and reading over playing in the mud and getting dirty with all the other boys. So to those other kids not only did they find him different they found him weird.

He already had a delayed speech and a slower mind, what else did everybody else want? It's like they wanted some other way to put him down in society a little more. But he over came all of it. Growing up to become the most intelligent twenty-two year old man anyone could ask for. He was taller the life it's self and his taste in music and style was just something that was too hot to handle. All the girls swooned over it of course, but attention was one thing he did not like himself. In response, girls began to label him as gay of course. People were very much like this. Since he did things differently, of course he wasn't 'normal' and he hated it.

All he wanted was a companion, a friend other than his best friend, and it was very hard to receive that. Though, in his opinion, it would come soon. It would come very soon.

Jack sat in his bedroom going through his favorite classic novel. He had joined a literature club and he was super happy. Reading was something he loved to do and he was hoping he could probably meet a new friend there of sorts, apart from his best friend. Today being the first day and he was very excited. He already had all his favorite books, total of four, in his favorite Doctor Who backpack that he had bought for himself.

He had his snack that consisted of strawberries and plain yogurt. Of course, he brought sugar for his yogurt. There had to be something in there.

He had picked out his outfit yesterday and he was very satisfied with it. His hair was pulled back in a wondrous bun. His hair was long do to the fact that he hated cutting it, it made him feel like he was losing a part of himself. He didn't like that, he didn't like that one bit!

His phone's alarm went off which signaled it was time for him to be on his way. He didn't want to dawdle of course. He loved to be exactly on time, sometimes a little bit earlier.

He put his backpack on his shoulders and walked down the stairs in a pattern he liked to come up with himself on his way to places and he didn't like to break it unless completely necessary.

He made it down the stairs and his mother stood there making eggs and bacon for the child she was babysitting at the moment, or more so, his father.

"Hello Jack." His mother said when Jack made it to the kitchen. His mother smiled up at him as Jack came to halt in front of her, she gave him a kiss on the cheek and he tried not to squirm. He loved his mother and didn't want her to feel bad about his disliking of her affection.

"H-hello.....d-dad." Jack spoke and his father smiled fondly at him, admiration in his eyes.

"Hello Jack. Have fun today, okay? Got everything you need?"

"Y-yes I will have fun and...yes I...do." he told his father, who looked at him with a few tears in his eyes. Jack groaned to himself trying hard not to cringed. Of course, he loved his father but the emotion just didn't hit him like it would with other people.

He waved his father goodbye and he was on his way. His best friend was going to drop him off, since Jack just did not feel up to driving because of the first day jitters.

He walked outside and up to Jesse's car, opening it and climbing inside.

"Sup, dude." Jesse spoke. Jack smiled at him.

"Hello." He said, his voice slightly a bit shaky.

"You scared, man?" Jesse asked Jack. Jack nodded.

"I...like...I-I don't know why." Jack spoke. Jesse only smiled at the road.

"Think about the hot babes that'll be there and you'll be happy again." Jesse tried to cheer him up but Jack only rolled his eyes at Jesse's foolishness.

The whole car ride consisted of Jack's worries and Jesse's pathetic attempts at cheering him up. Finally, to Jack's advantage, they came to stop at the building where everything would happen.

"Want me to come with you?" Jesse asked Jack and Jack nodded, thankful.

They each exited the car and made their way into the library. This program was for a lot of people, anybody, but it was focused solely on people who needed help getting aquatinted because of mental illness, or a handicap problem. Which, on the low, kind of annoyed Jack, however, though Jack would not admit it. Jack wasn't really all good at keeping things to himself, however, this one he would.

They walked in to see a girl standing there talking to a friend. She looked of the Islamic faith because of the hijab she wore and she was absolutely beautiful. At least, that's what Jesse was thinking at the time.

The girl looked over to them and smiled fondly, walking over to them.

"Hello! I'm Fatima!" She beamed and Jack cowered behind Jesse a little.

He had only just met this girl and she was already happier than his older brothers' daughter.

"Sorry. This is Jack." Jesse introduced Jack. Fatima smiled.

"No need to apologize. Hello Jack," she waved at him but not in a taunting child wave.

"I'm Jesse," Jesse said, biting his lip, adding a small wink at the end. Fatima did not seem to acknowledge it.

"Hello there Jesse," She said in a very monotonous voice.

"Anyways, welcome to the Literature Club. I hope you find things going smooth and nice here," she said before continuing,"Go over there to Ethan and he'll help you out," she said to Jack pointing over to a tall boy with brown hair.

Jack pulled Jesse along and over to Ethan they went. Fatima beamed as she went to help another attendee.

Beatrice sat in her seat, trying hard not to draw attention to herself. Not many people attended but there was a good amount. About five to ten people at the moment.

She hummed Death of a Bachelor to herself, as she looked around the library chewing her gum before she noticed a man sit next to her through all the people passing by. His long hair that would cascade down to his shoulders was pulled into a tight man bun. He had glasses that sat on his nose, were similar to her own, nice and round. However, how she would wear her glasses as a mask he wore his in a very confident way as if they didn't define him. His outfit showed a level of maturity and sophistication that she found quite adoring. The sun the shone through the window showered him in thin yellow-colored lights. As she observed she came to see that he sat down with his head looking down at his 'interesting' shoes, he was trying to avoid attention.

Just like her.

She smiled to herself and turned to look at him fully.

"Hello." She said to him and at first the man didn't turn around. Almost like he was avoiding her before slowly he looked at her but he didn't look at her directly, his eyes darted around, avoiding her eyes.

"Hiiiiiii..." He slurred out a bit before giggling to himself.

"I'm Beatrice, but you can call me Bea." She said, a small smile forming.

"J-Jack....Jack Harold Jones." He stuttered.

"Are there g-going....to be more peop-ple?" Jack asked and Bea only shrugged.

"I don't....don't like  more people. Like n-not my...thing." Jack told her and Bea nodded in understanding. Jack was probably having second thoughts.

"It's okay. You don't have to interact if you don't want to." She said smiling at him.

Fatima, the girl from the entrance came to stand next to Jack. Fatima wasn't here to join the club she was only an assistant for the people here, and she didn't want to be alone so part of the reason Bea was here was because Fatima didn't want to be alone. But also because she wanted Bea to escape her shell.

"So Jack I'll be your assistant. I'll help you with a lot, questions concerns, stuff like that." Fatima told him but Jack stayed silent for a bit before speaking up.

"C-can...can Bea be my...assistant?" He said pronouncing the word assistant a bit slow.

"But Bea is an attendee. She probably just wants to enjoy." Fatima spoke for her. Fatima was perfectly fine with letting Bea assist Jack she just didn't want to seem like she was practically handing him to Bea.

"Be quiet Fatima. I'm fine, I'll do it. I did this to make friends, didn't I?" Bea told Fatima, her best friend. Fatima laughed and nodded.

Fatima walked away and Bea scooted her chair over a bit more towards Jack, who looked a bit pale.

"I-I...I didn't l-like heeeer." He slurred and Bea laughed.

"Yeah she can be a bit too happy sometimes." Bea admitted.

"Yeah, l-like not my thing, so yeah." Jack said.

"So like...when do...we eat? I have yogurt...and like strawberries. Yogurt...and strawberries. So like yeah, when do we...eat?" He asked her.

"You can eat right now if you want, yeah?" Bea told him and he nodded. Opening his Doctor Who book bag, Bea almost screamed.

"Is that what I think that is?" She asked Jack, who looked at her weirdly.

"What? Jack....Jack is confused.... Please explain." Jack groaned.

"That's the Tardis!" Bea beamed.

"Uhuh...Jack loves to watch D-doctor Who. So my...so my thing." Jack smiled to himself.

Jack looked at her quickly before darting his eyes away. He liked the way she looked. Her skin glistened in his eyes. Beautiful, rich and in his mind he thought of the word chocolate. Her hair was in beautiful curly locks that came down to her chin. Her hair looked big but beautiful and framed her face. She wore glasses like his however she hid behind them and he wanted to see her.

"I love Doctor Who, my favorite show ever!" She beamed and Jack only smiled a small smile. He had taken his yogurt and his strawberries out with some packets of Equal sugar.

He put them all together and proceeded to begin to eat. Absentmindedly, Bea stared at him.

"Can...can Bea stop...s-staring?" Jack asked and it suddenly occurred to her that she was staring. Jack was feeling undeniably uncomfortable. He didn't like the feeling of eyes on him when there wasn't a conversation of sorts. Even then he hated eye contact, it was a little too intimate for his liking.

"I am so, so sorry. I didn't notice." she apologized. Jack only nodded in response.

"I'll be right back." Bea said before standing up and making her way towards Fatima.

She noticed that Jack was special, and she didn't mean that in a teasing or rude way. 'I wonder what it is...' She thought to herself.

When she stood in front of Fatima it was like Fatima read her mind.

"Mildly autistic." She told her as soon as Bea had come to stand next to her. Bea had already suspected it. She spent a lot of time with handicapped students on her free time.

"He's cute though," Fatima added and Bea gave her a knowing smile, rolling her eyes.

"Slow it down there..." She told Fatima and Fatima smiled.

"Not my type. I was referring to you," Fatima told her with a knowing smile and Bea's smile dropped.

"Fatima," Bea whined and Fatima only nodded to someone behind her. Bea turned around and was met face to face with Jack.

"Hiiii," he slurred.

"Hey!" Bea said to him.

"I...I didn't want to...to be rude. Like...like so not...my thing. Where d-do I put this?" Jack asked with a polite smile. He was referring to his now finished yogurt. Bea smiled. She pointed over to the trash can that was a few steps next to him. He smiled thankfully and went to throw out his trash.

She's pretty. He thought for the second time of many before the session began.

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