Different Watercolor Experiments

Different Watercolor Experiments - student project

I started out with some very impromptu flowers on various papers. I had a bunch of the rougher cold press laying around and I thought I would like that the most. The texture is very nice to work on, but I noticed that it looked messier when I went to scan it in. 

Different Watercolor Experiments - image 1 - student project

I did a could other arrangements, this time on some bristol paper, which I know is not sized properly for such a wet medium, but I was just playing around. They were small and quick and I liked playing with the colors in the same family.Different Watercolor Experiments - image 2 - student project

So, I thought originally that I'd like the toothier paper and I tend to gravitate toward flat opaque images, but in practice I really enjoyed a hot press paper with jewely translucent watercolors. 

I did these watering can bouquets that were more planned out and liked this process a lot, especially how the water made the pots more interesting. These ones were tiny, about postcard size. It was just the right size for me to experiment on though -- enough space to play with, without feeling nervous that I might waste a big piece of paper. Different Watercolor Experiments - image 3 - student projectI definitely need to try some more paints now. I just bought some opaque gouache to do next. Thank you!!