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Different Strokes for Different Classes

Great class, Neil.

I agree that a "Rapid Launch" is key to Skillshare success.

With regards to the FREE v PREMIUM debate I would say that a lot depends on the type of class you are launching.

When I launch a new class in either the Writing Niche or Course Creation niche, I know that at least 25 of my followers will more than likely sign up to take the course in the first 24 hours.

However, I also have a few other niches that I dabble in such as the Recipe niche, the Slovakia niche and the History niche (hence the cover image of Tutankhamun).

In these secondary niches, I do not realistically have the necessary following to get 25 premium enrollments off the bat, so I have to rely on a mix of both premium and free enrollments to get trending!


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