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Difference between Heat and Temperature

You see thermal flux and you also know about it that a thermal flux what can do. You also see hot water bag??? Obviously....

Let's discuss on Thermoflux or Thermal Flux , a container that keeps temperature of a liquid constant for a long time.One question must arise inside you whether the thermoflux resist the changing of Heat or Temperature????

The Name thermo is not temperature its heat and now we discuss on Heat and Temperature difference!

If you are a Mechanical Engineer Students then you must know about the difference between Heat and Temperature before study thermodynamics.

Temperature increases cause increasing in Heat . But that doesn't mean that if a body has temperature 100 degree Centigrade then its temperature is 130 kcal , and if We again increase the temperature to 200 degree centigrade, don't be confused the heat cannot be doubled . Have questions??? You can ask any question regarding this project, just type questions I will sure answer you as soon as possible. Keep Learning.


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