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Dieter Rams

Final update: Am I still in time? I really hope so. Work quickly got the best of me and I just could complete 5 of the 9 illustrations I wanted to make, but there a bonus one. Halfway through the second one I decided I didn't really like the faux 3D effect and pointed toward a "flatter" one. This probably need better pixel hinting, I hope I'll have the time to do that soon :)

Let me know what you think and have a good week!


Here are the details:







Update 2 (23/04): Woah, what a busy week, I've only managed to try this today, let me know what you think, be brutally honest! I'm going to update the project as soon as I get more done.


Original post: Hello everyone!


This is my mind map, as you can see I ended up choosing subjects in very different categories. The first thing I tried sketching was Japan (I went there in 2012 and loved every single second of it), unfortunately I couldn't quite simplify many concepts I had in mind so I ended up trying something else. In my sketches I tried both the modern and the traditional part of Japan, here's the Nara Imperial Palace (btw, I intend to try this again after the course):


After the Japan sketches I started browsing "As Little Design As Possible", a book about the work of Dieter Rams at Braun, I thought the minimalistic style of his product would have worked pretty well in this context, so I gave it a try:


What do you think? Everything could fit in a studio Rams designed himself to create consistency.


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