Diet Plan For Cutting

Diet Plan For Cutting - student project

My client will like to enter his cutting phase to reduce his body fat. I have calculated his maintenance to be 2980 calories, and I will reduce this to 2500 calories + doing progressive overload weight training.

He will do 4 sessions a week which consist of a Push session, Pull session, Legs Session & Full Body at the end of the week.

His diet macro is:

35% Carbohydrates (219g)

35% Protein (219g)

30% Fat (83g)

An example of a days eating will be the following:

MORNING (Smoothie Ingredients)

1 Scoop of Brown Rice Protein (30g)

1 Scoop Of Pea Protein (30g)

Fat Free Greek Yoghurt (100g)

Half a Banana

Ground Flax, Sunflower, Pumpkin + Sesame Seeds

Ginger (1tsb)

Oats (40g)

Brazil nuts (15g)

This is an approx 700 Calorie Shake to kick start his day. It deliver over 50g of carbs, 25g of healthy fats and almost 70g of protein. Healthy start to the day!


Turkey Lean Mince (200g)

Chopped Tomatos (200g)

Quinoa (100g)

Mushrooms (50g)

Broccoli (50g)


Salmon Fillets (200g)

Mixed Vegetables

+ (Smoothie) - 1 Scoop Of Brown Rice Protein (30g)

Half a Banana

Additional Supplements on weight training days are creatine and BCAA