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Dieselpunk pilot

Design a pilot that would live in an at-war-dieselpunk world. Orphaned and must fend for herself. A bit of a loaner. INTJ


Carries her father's rifle with her wherever she goes.

interwar real-world era. (mix of WWI and WWII tech and ideologies)

Phase 1: Thumbnails

Phase 2: Refining

Phase 3: Variation

So, I really liked the age/pose and attitude of the 5th one, so I decided to go with it. I was looking at my thumbnails and noticed I lost a lot of the initial silhouette, so I decided to go back and chisel it back out a bit. I liked the boniness of the original and thought the anatomy of the character contrasted with the attitude a lot. Right now, I am really liking the last two variations and added a jacket around the waste of the third and figure I can go with either of the two.

Phase 4: Gun

Decided to start work on the gun some:

Progress. About to move to color and polish:



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