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Die Hard!

The first movie that I came across when I started my research was Die Hard. I've always loved the movie and felt there were so many great images that were tied to the movie.

After digging a bit I realized that my first idea, doing something with the broken glass and bleeding feet moment, had been done quite a bit by freelance artists. Especially those that specialized in the minimalist style.





So I started thinking about an image that had been used in the original poster, the building. Going back to the lessons I reoriented the building on the angle to help add an impending feel and give the explosion with a bit more action. I noticed that the nigh infamous quote "Yippee Ki Yay Mother F*cker" had never been used by any of the artists. It was always one of my personal favorites. So I decided to use that in an overlay. And making the title box the safety to cover the curse word while still getting the quote across.



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