Did someone say self-sabotage????

Hey everyone! I have been following Emma's classes for a week now but this one by far touched me deeply... I have them all haha

Thank you Emma for such amazing content and delivered in a gentle and "everything is gonna be ok" way!

I'm a Spanish Teacher who has always been working for someone else... because, in the end, it's easier for me to do the work but not put my name.

Since this lockdown experience, I have been facing many of my inner fears and decided to quit my job as a Spanish Online Teacher in a platform and do it by myself representing the world as I love to see it, which is through the ocean!

So I have figured out Spanish online classes for kids that connect the learning of a new language with the discovery of an unknown or not so familiar world: underwater.

I'm in the self-promotion part now which is hard because I'm not really used to "showing my face". However, I truly believe in my project and that gives me the push and the spark to continue in spite of sometimes really wanting to hide again in my safe spot.

If you would like to check my website or FB page I would appreciate it! I have had friends and family comments but I always distrust them, I need more objective opinions which can help me improve what needs to be improved... again, a perfectionist!