Did a logo for a small web design agency that I am starting with a friend

I needed a logo for my own company, so I decided to create a script logo.  I've done a few logos for other companies before, but I general work with a font & don't normally draw my own font.  I dont think think I am that great at sketching scripts, but I love typography and wanted to get better, so  I took this class.

For the logo, I wanted something that was bright, cheerful, creative and had a bit of a retro flair, but also felt modern and timeless.  I hope I have accomplished that & would love to have feedback.  I did not want the logo to look like generic Helvetica as so many logos are now.  The Star on the "i" represent the "brite" in the word name.  The over-size "F" represents "Full" in a larger than life way.   I used a font for the word "creative" in order to bring some modernity to it.



Here's a super rough sketch of the initial concept. 





What do people think?


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