Diary of 12th Jan

Diary of 12th Jan - student project

Not satisfied with ALL I've done but I got to know a lot of things about how watercolor paints behave, that I shouldn't do so precise small drawings at the beginning of learning how to use watercolors, that so many elements make the drawing too crowded, that I still can't draw cats too well and that, image by image, I'm getting better and better results. That was a hard drawing to paint because of the small areas, even though I had 00 brush, but it has shown me the direction I should be going. I'm sure the next paintings will be bigger and I'll probably do a little bit less eye-catching arrows. I'm really happy with the third row tho, especially the table with the flower, sketchbook and sandwich plate. My self-portrait surprised me as well as I was convinced I can't draw people, even a cartoon one. Well, I do :D My goal is to learn how to paint a nice cat. 

For feedback, please choose one, or all, or a couple of questions and answer in the comments. It will give me some idea of how other people perceive my work. Thank you in advance!

What would you improve in this drawing? 

What do you like about these drawings? 

Which image do you like the most and why? 

Which image do you like the least and why?

What an overall feeling do you have about the full artwork?  Diary of 12th Jan - image 1 - student project