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Diamond in the Cut

I love creating surrealist art.  Typically, I like taking a photo and embellishing it to create a feeling that there's something extra, something special about it, but almost still believable.  With this edit, I created something that's totally unearthly. 

I started off with a photo I took months ago at Mono Lake in California.  

Then I mirrored it to create some symmetry. 

Once I had the base image I wanted to work with, I took it into Mextures (iOS app) and overlayed some gradients and textures, and fined tuned some basic settings.

After that I went crazy and overlayed a gradient, except this time I used the blending mode "Exclusion".  This shifted the colors completely and created a really alien effect.

Although the image is interesting, I thought it needed a subject, so I decided to go into Matter (iOS app) and add a diamond shape.

Finally, I took it back into Mextures to rough it up and make some finishing touches.  I hope you dig it!


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