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Diamond Head Canvas for the Hawaiian Sunset

We had some rare south winds in Honolulu that bring glassy water and amazing colors. Ominous clouds were sitting strangely over Waikiki and rich colors danced on Diamond Head and the reflective buildings nearshore. I'd planned on capturing 40 minutes or so of this sunset - but alas my 64gb card wouldn't work with Magic Lantern so I scrounged up an 8gb card that let me shoot about 440 RAW images over the course of 18 minutes just prior to sunset. I wanted to shoot in raw for more flexibility in post-processing.

Canon T1i, Tokina 11-16mm at 11mm, f22 in Av, ISO 100, external intervalometer, manual focus (I didn't need any shallow depth of field and I wanted to get the shutter speed down enough to blur the standup paddlers and cars.

I adjusted exposure and color on all frames in Lightroom, then I ouptut the first take as a slideshow with some free Lightroom timelapse export templates I found. This mysterious beast known as "flicker" clearly reared it's ugly head. As you can see, it almost looks like there's lightning, the flicker is so prounounced!


Could I have done more to avoid it, aside from bulb-ramping? Yup...I did not do the lens-twist trick, nor did I cover the eyepiece - Ryan or anyone else - which of these is a bigger culprit?

My next move was to export jpegs from Lightroom and give the VirtualDub + MSUDeflicker filter a go; here's what I got:


MSU Deflicker helped a lot, although there is still some in there, particularly in the beginning. I think the dark clouds were throwing my camera some exposure curve balls that resulted in heavy flicker.


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