Dialy The Hague and Daily Home

I live in The Hague, Netherlands. I love to photograph and with just a little extra help my pictures become more interesting and my life more beautiful as I photograph it. C Pure just said the right things to me to start, so thank you for this. I like to picture Home and Daily Commute mostly, so that will be a big part of my project. Almost everyday I go outside with my iPhone and photograph. When I'm back home everyday it's easier to select the best (not the good) pictures and delete the rest. Already in a few days I see progress in my skills, a miracle!

7 o'clock

Sorry, no 7 o'clock photo's from me.

I'm Rich! [Home]

Today I've bought a zillion white buttons and put them in a green glass vase (an old juice jar) and put it on front of a large painting near the window.

I make dolls (https://www.facebook.com/SoulDolls and http://instagram.com/souldolls) that's why I'm in constant need of materials :-).

Question: is it obvious enough there are a zillion buttons in the jar? Or is it better to put some reference like a coin/ pencil/ matchbox next to it. Maybe an other idea to empasize the amount of buttons? Some buttons on the table?

Daily Chores [Home]

Although washing-up is a daily rut, when looking in the house to find objects to photograph, why not take the pottery and glassware. I like the forms and colors because that's why I bought them in the first place. The drainer (is this the correct word?) stands next to the kitchen window, the light is not too bright and the kitchen light is on, so there's light from two sides.

Snow is coming [Daily Commute]

On the way to the the grocery store I saw a big snow cloud. I'm a cloudlover - and Dutch clouds near the sea can be beautiful - but I find them very difficult to catch the essence in my photographs. Maybe it's because of all the lampposts, road signs, buildings etc.

I've cropped the photo on the roadside, but I'm not certain it's more balanced now.

By the way, it didn't snow, the sun was warm, almost a springday.


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