Dialogue task - out for coffee

As they walked away from the counter with their trays of coffee and cake, Soph spotted a free table that had just been cleaned. They wound their way past the groups of people and sat down.


‘So’ Edie said, ‘thank you for agreeing to meet with me’ rather too formally. She hates confrontation, but is sick of Soph trying to dictate what she can and can’t have at her wedding.


‘No problem, the least I can do as your bridesmaid I guess’ said Soph as she faffed with her bag.


‘Yeah so, about that – I obviously feel awkward about the ‘hair issue’ Edie said, ‘but I want you to know, all I was asking is for you to have your hair in a fishtail plait and I really don’t think it’s too much to ask.’


Soph poked at her slice of lemon drizzle and picked up her coffee before blowing on the top and taking a sip.


‘You know how I feel about it, it’s too similar to my wedding hair and it’s not fair because you are getting married first.


‘Soph – it’s nothing like your wedding hair! The picture you showed me was a bun with a plait at the front, not even remotely similar’ Edie said, trying not to show how frustrating she was finding this conversation.


‘Well, it’s your wedding your choice I suppose’ Soph said, curtly.


‘Yes’ Soph said ‘it is my choice and that’s what I want’ she said, trying to remain composed.


‘Well a fishtail plait it is then, although – I am pretty sure they won’t be able to do that with my hair anyway’ Soph said, blowing her coffee again.


‘We shall see’ Edie said, finally tucking into her blueberry muffin.