Dialogue (Muspell Project)


Rory suddenly heard someone whining in the bushes. He drew his sword and approached carefully. A wounded man lied in the grass. He was covered in blood. Rory had a hard time recognising him and was not pleased to do so. It was Adrian, Hugo’s tyrannical brother.


-Ro...ry, he groaned, struggling to breathe.


-What are you doing here? You’re banished, remember, Rory said.


-The emp...p...peror, he tor..tured me.




Rory put his sword back in its scabbard and crossed his arms, refusing to touch the shaking hand that Adrian held out to him.


-I was...wrong to help...them, Adrian said.


-And I guess you told them everything they wanted about us?


Adrian coughed and spat more blood. Rory kicked him in the stomach, making him squeal.


-Shut up! You want them to find us?!


-Please, give me...another chance...I’ll do any...thing.


-You got what you deserved. I’ll never let you hurt Hugo again.


He reached his sword’s handle and took it out as slowly as possible. He enjoyed seeing that bastard’s eyes widen as he realised what would happen to him. As Rory held his sword in the air, Adrian cowered, his arms above his head in a pathetic attempt to save his life. He was even more miserable and sickening than before, ready to give up his sacred pride – that same pride he placed far above his brother’s welfare – to survive.

Enraged, Rory put the tip of his sword on Adrian’s throat. He had no regrets.


-Rory, please, Adrian whispered.


-It’s time to pay for what you did to him.


He pushed the sword down. Blood flooded from Adrian’s neck. Rory raised his weapon and stared at it, disgusted. I need to clean that up before it ruins my sword, he thought.