Dialogue Exercise

A: I need to be able to talk about this book and, like, talk around the fact that the main character gets turned into a dinosaur.


B: Ha! But doesn’t that happen on, like, the second page?


A: Hmm. Yeah, that’s true. I guess it doesn’t matter.


B: It’s honestly a great selling point, like an attention-getter. If I heard someone say their main character turns into a dinosaur, I’d be like, “hand me that book!”


A: (Laughing) Okay, okay. Maybe I’ll lead with it.


B: So do you want to talk about it on the podcast next week or the week after?


A: Next week is good. Get it over with.


B: What do you mean? Nothing to be nervous about, man. It’ll be fine.


A: Yeah, you’re right. Hey, did you hear back from the Squarespace guy yet?


B: Ugh, no. I honestly thought it would be easier to get sponsors.


A: I told you it’d be hard! Hey, you know who has some extra money to give away? Recently divorced billionaires.


B: Are you saying Bill Gates should give us some money for fun?


A: No, I was thinking Melinda.


B: Oh okay, yeah, that would be the perfect way for her to spend her money. It’s not like she cares about important causes or anything.


A: I know! Selfish bitch. (Ha.) Anyway, I gotta head out. I’ll see you Tuesday when we record. Five o’clock?


B: You got it. See ya later.