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Dial it in

I've learned that I don't see my ability to shine or any of the qualities that I love and admire in others. So I'm open to the possibility of myself as a mirror- that I can see those qualities in people because I have them. On top of that I'm also going to work on using my voice more: speaking up for what I want and for what I see, whether it's something wonderful or troubling. I'll speak up instead of swallowing my words.

My 1 year goals: 

-Helloclementine.com is averaging 50 hits a day by the end of summer and has a loyal following 

-I complete my training with Bodhi Yoga and am 200 level certified by August 2013, the same month I defend my thesis!

-I transition to a position working at Tribeza, assisting the editor and creative director by September 1, 2013

- My book club meets regularly and serves as a platform for smart and fun women to discuss our lives and the books that inspire us by June 2013

- I celebrate turning 30 with my sweet friend Steph at our joint birthday party in Feb 2014

5 year goals:

- I marry my best friend and guiding light, John, in a sweet ceremony with our family and closest friends with us to celebrate

- My writing is published in Tribeza and Helloclementine.com is flourishing for those working to build a life they love

- I have a publisher interested in my book series, which is complete by May 2016

10 Year vision:

I'm sitting at my desk preparing to write while the morning light pours in my office. The windows look out onto the back yard and I can see John playing with the dogs as he tries to head off to work. We started our day with yoga and then a walk, with the dogs of course, to get coffee. As I write, the light catches my ring and I smile thinking of everything we have built together: landing our dream home on Garden Street, our successful careers, a chihuahua farm, and a hub for our friends to gather at the end of the week. 

I am able to combine my love of music, art, and writing through collaborations with my loved ones on a monthly basis. John and I travel to our favorite cities, as well as new places annually. We see our family 4 times a year, and are active in our nieces and nephew’s lives and development. I’m happier than I ever thought possible, have a healthy and loving family, and we laugh together everyday. 


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