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Hey Ladies and Gents!!,

When I was going through the tutorial by Chuck Anderson exactly the way he said do it and then later on try to do different to the process later. After a couple of attempts I was working on this photo here. I just did as Chuck Anderson said: Get a black backdrop, find nice lighting, take photo into the vsco app, crop, etc etc 

Afterwards I brought it into photoshop touch and wasnt quite happy with just reflecting the image. So I started playin around with the image and decided I liked the second image being 45 degrees from the first instead of a full flip (Sorry I dont have the photo). Also I tried using the color balance to change the colors of the 'reflection' but I didnt like it but noticed I saw what I liked right in front of me. After I was happy (or recognized I was happy lol) with what I had I took the image back through the vsco app on my phone and did what Chuck Anderson suggested. I may have chosen a different filter though and played with contrast, saturation, sharpness, and etc accordingly. And this is the final product... :D

My favorite part is the way the flowers join seemlessly in the middle I thought it was really cool and worked so I stayed with it :D. Have a good one peeps!!

ps. what I have noticed in choosing flowers is to choose flowers with bold colors (unless those colors are what you are going for)...As I bought flowers I tried to stay away from white ones and saw I had more success with flowers which arent the colors of the color balance (ie red, green, and blue). <- But ths doesnt guarantee success in what you want to do


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