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Diagnosis, Gracie, and My Train Experience in Japan

Hey guys! It's lovely to meet you all, and it's great to see all these awesome projects! Here are a few stories from my own life -- feel free to give any feedback :)

I wouldn't call this one in particular a "favorite" memory, but it's one that is very personal and resonating to me.  Right before my 21st birthday in December 2011, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  It's been a huge adjustment in my life in every capacity, and I've been contemplating making a short about my experience in the doctor's office.  In summary, it came out of nowhere and I was absolutely terrified of what would come; the only sentence from my doctor's mouth I could clearly remember was, "You're taking this very well." The hour following proved otherwise.

I feel this would be a cathartic project for me, and a great project for conveying mood and drama.  I became inspired today while watching a bunch of StoryCorp shorts, and I even recorded myself telling my story.

My next story is a little more exhilerating: When I was about 10 years old, my Dad found an injured crow and took it to the vet. Its wing had been shot, so the only option besides putting it down was to amputate its wing.  Therefore, the family had a pet one-winged crow for a while, whom we decided it was a girl and named it Gracie.  We kept Gracie in a large wire cage that we would roll onto our front porch for her to communicate with her murder (group, flock, whatever), and one day my Dad and I planned to clean her cage.  When my Dad walked into the house for something, Gracie hopped out of the cage when the coast was clear and started to hop off into the neighbor's yard.  Being witness to this, I took the initiative to save her from my own cats that were on the prowl.

This story would be fun in terms of humor and dynamism, as well as character acting.

My final story is about when I went to Japan when I was about 14. I was an awkward, anime-loving nerd in my early teen years, so going to Japan was a dream come true! While I was there, I experienced language barriers, homesick classmates, more snow than I had ever seen, and crowded trains where in one instance I was separated from my group for several stops.

I'd have to go through my pictures to remember all the details, but there are several events that could be interesting to draw from -- specifically when I was on the train, and how I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. 

[Not pictured] I'm considering also boarding a song that I really like, based on the narrative and tempo. i have some character designs in my head that I would love to add later... Click to listen!


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