Diagnose - first atempt

My goal is to do a geometric typeface with some humanist characteristics. (like having some kind of vertical stress on the O, for example). This typeface is to be part of a branding project. The symbol of the project is very strong, so the type has to be quite neutral, still modern.

This was the initial sketch.

Afterwards I started to draw the letters on a vector program and this was the result:

Still not happy with it thow. It doens't feel good at smaler sizes (12pt). I think I will leave it on the drawer like Natanael said for a couple of weeks and then get back to it.

Feedback appreciated. Thank you for reading.

-------------------------------------------------------- PROJECT UPDATE ------------------------------------------------------------

Upon following Natanael's guidelines, the font now looks as following:

I am happier with the result. Haven't tested it in a text string, but will soon.

The reason why my skectches look different, is because they where based on ovals and I have decided to make a font based on circles. But might try one based on the diagnose sketch to compare which one I prefer and goes better with the logo. I quite like the sketched g.


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