DiKorrA - Digital Corrosion Analysis

DiKorrA - Digital Corrosion Analysis - student project

1.  Digital Corrosion Analysis is a online Tool which helps companys to detect a corrosion problem  without a expensive expert.

Cost reduction for the costumer, about 2000 to 3000 $, only in the Analysis itself.

The cost reduction based on the faster reaction time is not quantifiable on avarege.

2.  Digital Corrosion Analysis is a online Tool which helps companies to avoid corrosion problems of there products or prototyps.

Corrosion will be detected in the planning and inventig phase of production.        

Proof and tested at up to 2000 damage cases from diverend sources.  

Very simple to use. 

Target Costumer are company in the chemical and heavy industry branche.

The software is know in german and will be availible in english 2014.

The beta Homepage is online, but only in german, sorry:  http://www.dikorra.de/

Thomas Roth
DiKorrA - Digital Corrosion Analysis