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Kathryn Bodle

Creative Producer



Dharma Bums Mood Board

Thanks for the inspiring class — I had a really fun time making my board. I am the Executive Producer at a Motion Design studio in San Francisco and mood boarding is a consistent first step in the process that our Creatives undertake as we begin a new project. I was interested to take this course as a new perspective into the advantages and techniques inherent in the activity.

The work that I chose as my inspiration was The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac.




I became interested in the themes of duality present in the book (organic vs man-made; ancient vs. modern; rural vs. urban). When I discovered a reference photograph of Kerouac taken in New York City, I found the neon lights and colorful bokeh in the background very beautiful alongside the author’s muted and earthy clothes. I thought that this visual metaphors would be a fun direction so I ran with that as I began editing and refining my image selections.


In selecting the final elements for the board, I wanted to represent an aesthetic that felt organic with accents of modernity and an underlying excitement. Here is a WIP...


And the "final" board....


(1)  Big Sur coastline 1 by Mike Barton (2) #5065,From the series A Period of Juvenile Prosperity by Mike Brodie  2006–2009 (3) Nebula Humilis by Lola Guerrera, 2012 (4) Fog in the Firs by Clark Hecker, 2008 (5) Arbutus by Cedric Pollet (6) Alchemy by Jackson Pollack, 1947 (7) The neon Buddha by Stephane Le Gal, 2006 (8) Kiana McCourt; Finch and Fawn blog, 2014 (9) Jung Lee, The End, 2010 (10) Shoes, Alba Prat Neon Old School Collection, 2012

I got a lot out of this exercise and look forward using this technique for my personal projects! And I’m excited to share some of these takeaways with my team at Swordfish. Thanks!


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