Devo | Skillshare Projects


After compiling and sorting through my band list I decided on Devo. I feel like the bands unique and inovative sound, lyrics, look, etc. will allow for some fun exploration. I'm looking forward to getting weird with this project.


After researching I started working on a couple of sketches. A reoccuring theme that really stuck out to me was their use visually and lyrically of pulp sci-fi. I also found it interesting that the band does a lot of toungue-in cheek weird stuff. They seem to celebrate the idea of being weird and straying from the path. Also, they have cool hats. Based on all of that I came up with these ideas.




Now I'm trying to decide if I want to explore a few more sketches or try to move forward with one of these ideas.


I've decided to move forward with one of my original ideas. Tonight I worked on making a tighter pencil sketch and exploring the background a little more.



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