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Devi's Series icons or Badges

28 August 2014

while doing the mind map... the ideas kept flowing.... so .. until i uploaded this mind map... i still dont know what im going to make... or may i say... i want make a all of it... but, i'll pick one .. soon  ^^!

but for today... i'll start with this mind map....


10 April 2016

oops... its been 2 years

I chose Greek Myth

3 Gods (Zeus, Hades and Poseidon) and 3 Goddess (Athena, Aphrodite,Artemis)

In the badge, i want to include whatever that became each God or Goddess symbols

at first i want to put 3 symbols and the God/Goddess but... as i sketch i become frustrate to layout it the way that i want and decide to get rid 1 symbol.. so just 2 symbol and the God/Goddess

Zeus, Bolt, Eagle

Hades, Coins,Cerberus


Athena ,Olive ,Owl

Aphrodite , Rose, Dove

Artemis ,Moon, Deer


thats for today :))

13 April 2016

lil Changes :

Hades, Coins,Cerberus

Aphrodite , Rose, Clamshell

Artemis ,Arrow , Deer


Fiuh :)) I hope you know who is who :))


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