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Devin Townsend portrait

Hello Patrick!

I've been following your works on deviantart for a long time and must say it's always amazing and really inspiring! Thank you for your class. Very usefull tips and tricks for shading and lighting, I always had problems with both and thats why I usually make all my pictures in 2D vector. As you can see I still have some problems..I just can't logically set all those shadows on they places from my head, but with your help it becomes a little better.

So, I decided to draw a portrait of a very talented metalhead and musician, Devin Townsend.

1) Line work. I decided to sketch it digital...just because the tablet already was in my hands )

2) Flat colors and shading. I enjoyed your style of shading using gradient tool so much, but still I can't make my shadows look smooth enough and hairs was a hard part for me too. Still have much to learn about it, may be I figure it out with practice.

3) Final image. I'm not really happy with it...but quite happy because it's the most awesome of my digital drawings so far! :D Hope that someday I reach my own individual drawing style.

Thank you once again and cheers from Latvia!


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