Deviant Plague: Austin Davis



  • Age-18
  • Steely blue-gray eyes
  • Dirty blonde hair
  • Tall 6'0
  • Athletic
  • Slim
  • Chiseled

Personality traits:

  • Gifted athletically
  • Has a bit of a superiority complex because of his natural talent
  • Austin's older brother is his inspiration due to his selflessness
  • Organised thanks to military training
  • Believes fate is out of his control


  • Tends to keep to himself
  • His stomach hurts when he gets nervous
  • Practices archery every morning before dawn


  • Grew up with his parents and older brother
  • Played basketball in high school
  • Started college just before the Deviant Plague began
  • Ended up joining the military in exchange for protection from the plague


  • Acts before thinking, rash
  • Disregards the advice of others 

Internal conflict:

Austin is fearful of the future. If he leaves the military, the Deviant Plague will most likely kill him. If he stays, his superior officers will keep forcing him to do their dirty work. Later in the story, he learns the value of making a tough decision.

Check out Deviant Plague on Wattpad. It is a collaboration between myself (Charliedor) and XXotiKK. We currently have four chapters posted.



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