Developing a productivity system that suits me

Developing a productivity system that suits me - student project

I have a productivity system now largely inspired by this class.

I use Evernote for quick capture of ideas when I do not have my paper notebook on hand, plus organizing some lists, such as a list of books I want to read. I also scan business cards because I noticed that they pile up on my desk otherwise and after scanning I throw them out. I also keep some important information for university or for work. In general, I use it as an archive or for long term projects.


Developing a productivity system that suits me - image 1 - student project

Otherwise, I use my paper notebook to review the day, to write down anything that comes to my mind. It is my primary notebook, I could say, and after that, I sort the information into Evernote or Todoist. 

I use Todoist for very specific tasks such as write an email to this person. I have ongoing project on there, I am also thinking whether to transfer the shopping list from my paper notebook to Todoist so I can easily update it.


I have an extensive list of folders in my email ranging from university related to work to internships to travel. I like archiving my emails into these folders if I need to use them later, all the rest I answer and/or delete. I do not have an inbox zero policy though because I like to keep the emails that are still relevant at the moment to me. For example, I important emails that I am waiting for the response, also of confirmations of time meetings with more relevant information, especially if there are any attached documents with the email that I will need for a current task or project or that I just need to read before a meeting or a workshop.


I am thinking tough whether I should organize my notes in Evernote a bit more. I am also thinking of digitasing more of my paper notes, so I will need more clarity.