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Developing Wings

I chose the phrase "We develop our wings on the way down."

Brainstorm: arrows, angel wings, bird wings, canyon, down, heavy block letters, skinny swirly letters, feathers, airline wings, nest, tree, sunset.

I came up with this mood board:

My serif type needs some work. I could try to add a wing shape to the script style, but my attempts so far haven't turned out. I actually like the way the wing serifs look on the dimensional/ornate one, but it would take some fussing with to get them more consistent. The texture in the center was to add more dimension, as well as some detail from the feathers I used in the representational example. I think I would also like to see the bottom of the "S" extend lower to balance out the "I."

So far I think I like the cliff one and the bottom right one, with the arrow. Thoughts?


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