Developing Skills

Developing Skills - student project

I really wanted some exercises to develop my drawing skills. This class had a great range of exercises to do and I found each of them really useful and will continue to do them again and again. 

Yuko’s knowledge and tips really built my confidence, even from her just saying about using plain copy paper as it stops you worrying about messing up was super useful to me. 

My favourite exercise was the blind contouring. It was a real challenge not to look at the paper but it’s exciting to see what comes out. My boyfriend was reading opposite me so I decided to draw him. The proportions are all over the place but I like how it turned out:

Developing Skills - image 1 - student project

Here are some of the other exercises:

Developing Skills - image 2 - student project
Developing Skills - image 3 - student project


Developing Skills - image 4 - student projectDeveloping Skills - image 5 - student project

Nina Colva
amateur doodler