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Developing Relationships That Matter

Below are two links to my presentations because I have two different audiences.  The presentations are mostly the same except for the three main "Problem" slides I have for each constituency.  

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Audience #1: Venture Capitalists/Investors in Early Stage Companies

Audience #2: CEOs of Early Stage Companies




  • Venture Capitalists (VCs) in early stage (Series A or B funded) companies.
  • CEOs of early stage venture funded companies



  • Don't have time to focus on less successful portfolio companies.
  • Where they need to explore exit strategies for their portfolio companies, they're challenged by the expensive fees of traditional investment banks.
  • It's difficult for them to find experienced corporate development executives to provide appropriate guidance and help execute on transaction options.


  • Unable to raise subsequent round of equity financing.
  • With tight resources, frequently unable to commit or dedicate resources to developing strategic partnerships.
  • Lack a robust "rolodex" of contacts at senior management level of strategic partners or prospective acquirers.
  • Inexperienced at defining and structuring corporate development transactions (ie. strategic financing, technology licensing, reseller relationship, M&A, etc.)


  • Diverse corporate development transaction experience.
  • Depth and breadth of connections in Internet related companies that participate in such markets as e-commerce, publishing, technology and mobile industry companies.
  • Flexible fee structure.
  • "Quick strike" ability.


Unit 2 - Story

Part 1 – Beginning

Twitter Friendly Headline

  • “Relationships that matter to your business”

What’s the point?

  • Your company is in the business of selling your products or making your services available to your customers.
  • Your company is not in the business of establishing and nurturing strategic business relationships.
  • Companies (aka. strategic partners) that can help you with getting more customers, useful technology, or timely investment, need to be nurtured so that they care about your company.  

Why should you care?

  • The growth of your business depends on continuing to find and deliver value to customers.
  • Reaching new customers some times means finding way of working with other companies where you can deliver value to their customers.
  • Some times delivering greater value to your customers means integrating other companies' products and services with yours to make the offering easier to understand and implement.

Part 2 – Middle

The Problems

  • Investors in early stage companies do not generally have the time to spend on the companies that they have invested in that are under-performing.  More importantly, as the company's growth prospects begin to wane and it is unable to raise a new round of financing, investors and the board of director want to get a better understanding for the exit scenarios available to the company.  Where their company is growing and is in a position to begin exploring strategic partners, they want to be able to help point them to resources that can help accelerate that process.
  • Venture funded company CEOs are frequently very focused on a number of operational tasks that do not enable them to pay proper attention to strategic relationships, even though this too is often part of their job.  Whether to grow their businesses through distribution channels or product and technology licensing, or to find a new home for their company and team in the form of an acquirer, they are frequently too busy keeping their ship afloat to dedicate the requisite amount of time to managing these important relationships.
  • Investment banks are generally transaction focused and frequently have very costly minimum fees without guaranteeing results.  They also generally only focus on M&A transactions and don’t often take a very strategic approach to determining the appropriate acquirers for the business.

The Solution

The ExecConnect Team

  • A self-directed team, with a deep understanding of Internet businesses, with experience running and managing the various types of corporate development transactions that most early stage companies are likely to face.
  • Extensive senior management experience, comfortable reaching out to and speaking with people at all levels of organizations.
  • Fees that align well to the company's needs, whether in the form of retainers, commissions, success fees, equity/warrants, to address the various ways in which the deliverables bring value.


  • Have a consultation with an ExecConnect professional, as the firm not only brings the experience outlined above, but it also has access to a large base of executives leading the digital or Internet operations of businesses across a broad range of industries.

Part 3 – End

Relate the story to the audience

  • ExecConnect establishes a strong and trusted relationship with its clients to best support their efforts for entering into and cementing strategic relationships with other companies.

Highlight benefits

  • ExecConnect’s team of proven, diversely experienced, and well connected individuals across various industries, enables the client to remain focused on running their company.
  • ExecConnect begins adding value to the client company from the moment it starts working on a project.
  • ExecConnect’s fee structure can make it affordable to start an engagement quickly.

Call to action!

  • Contact us now to schedule a call or a meeting to review your company’s unique situation and to determine if and how ExecConnect can help.


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