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Developing Called from the Desert Ministries

Called from the Desert Ministries started many year ago when the Lord gave me a calling to help people.  My desire is to help people come into their full potential.  What burns in their hearts.  Where do they go?  How do they reach their full potential.

I started this journey nearly 17 years ago.  That is when I felt the calling.  I have had a long, hard journey with many bumbs along the way.  I have tried many ways to get to culmination of my calling.

I know the no one can do what I want to do without at least a little bit of money.  I tried Amway and a couple of other multi-level marketing companies.  I tried affiliate programs.  I even tried to open my own brick and mortar business in hopes I would one day run into my purpose. 

Finally, I decided I was just going to announce to the world what my purpose was and own it.  It was then that the doors started opening for me.  I am going to perfect the art of helping people achieve their purpose in life.  That is why I am here, so I'm not going to take the long way around anymore. 

My goal is to go out and build relationships with those who need what I teach, build an influence base, and get the funds I need from that. 


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