Developing Art Language

A sense of adventure and a willingness to suspend thinking very much and begin with simple squares and circles is all that is required.

To be an artist in the world may be a calling.

To have and express one’s own art language is a birthright.

It takes a certain skill set developed over time and with much focus and dedication to be a visual artist in this world, however, being a creative is within the power of each human being.  Creativity is a path towards and into one’s own authentic self.  It is like strengthening your body core with the intention of following your true flow, no one else’ s.

This is a course to show you understand how to use art, spirit, nature and your innate wisdom to express and be potent and empowered in your Life.

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A certificate may be part of this process for certain people when asked for.  It can be given in acknowledgement when understanding that mark making, image making, art making is a process that holds potential and pure self guidance and self connection. Plus, sometimes it looks good on a resume or portfolio. You are being given credit for your courage and suspended judgement in lieu of allowance for your wonderful self to come through more.


The practice of ‘The Three Things”  can be used as a springboard to develop and cultivate one’s own imagery.

The three things is a collage technique utilizing three different images either found, sketched, photographed, or other.  Placing them on canvas un-stretched, paper or wood panel large – 3 x 4 ft.  in juxtapose position to each other is how to begin.  Allowing felt sense, hearing, smelling, seeing, to guide lines and color.  The point is to get most of the canvas covered in as little time as possible with the least amount of thinking.

(walls or tables, a kitchen table, newspapers taped together double thickness can work for this).

The painting continues by taking breaks and going back for small sessions.  At the end, details are added in.

This is the basic gist of it.  I as the guide hold your hand through the process.

Once  a large collage is complete it is hung on the wall and can be altered and added to.  Taking photographs all along the process aids in being able to move forward and cover things with other paper, color or line.

When ready, we begin another large collage made from the sketches places in appropriate places.

Certification comes in once the Participant completes an understanding through implementing the process. Plus a minimum of 30 sketches. This can take anywhere to between six weeks to three or more years.

For Painters

This work with enable and show how to build disipline of sketching and how to incorporate them into your paintings.

For Growth

I teach how to keep ongoing  journals as a way to learn one’s own art language and vocabulary.

To FInd Stuff Out

As in tea leaf reading, things arrange in the right proximity in terms of your own way and timing.  Painting for real like this, with questions in mind will certainly help with pointing in the right direction for you.



About the Authentic Self

The authentic self is that part of a person the encompasses all time and all life.  It holds the key to one’s mission.  The authentic self has the ability to connect beyond the unconscious, the things that may lie just beyond the conscious.  In art making the authentic self connects  and communicates whatever is relevant to one’s life in this here and now .  This is what I call art language.  It is a form of expressive art that initiates a deep  revealing to oneself.

How is the Authentic Self different than the Spirit Self?

Look at the authentic self as the true essence that has remained in tact and standing as a energy form close to the place where individuated consciousness spills out from the magma mass of all energy.  Spirit is like the wind that carries information from this place out to the places you may have traveled.  IT speaks through imagery,  maybe in sound first and then a type of color and light and finally the images crystallize in the forms of drawings, dreams, hopes and wishes.

Why would one wish to connect more with their own Spiritual Self?  Because  this is the still voice within that is trustworthy and can point to answers for a person’s divine right path.  IT is a place where feelings are important and signal  what is going on, using the body as a compass on when these feelings come up to be felt as well as understand how to be a feeling, healing being.


I am a practicing visual artist.  It keeps me at the center of my life.


TestimonialTobin is a master at perceiving the hidden, following detail in images, exploring the subconscious and spirit realms that show up in the art you make. Highly recommended if you want to understand yourself, your issues, or focus on a particular issue in a creative manner.L.F.S.

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