Develop the Mental Fitness to Work into a Strong, Fit and Healthy Body

Time and time again, I have tried to get a more fit physique. However, I have not been consistent in any program, never completing more than a month of exercise. I have concluded I do not prioritize exercise over other daily activities. Moreover, my skinny body  speedy metabolism and semi-healthy diet make me a conformist. Plus, I ride bike apprx. 2 miles every morning to get to college, which makes me think cardio is enough. Most times I convince myself I am fine, and I shouldn't go through all the effort of consistently exercising more.

But these recent days, I find myself unable to successfully do more than 15 pushups. I'm 19! I should be easily around the 30 pushups without much hassle. Plus, I graduated from a military academy as Battalion Commander. I am definitely not pushing myself into the fit and strong man I know I can be. Over all these factors is my main motivation: my girl. I want to be a man she feels safe to have beside. I will not be a wimp, I will not a weakling.

For this seminar, my objective is to get a program running, but with complete mindfulness of the program. I will get myself mentally fit to get Fit! Hoorah!


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