Develop team-based social skills

As a researcher, video producer and teacher for many years, I have often worked in group or team environments; however, the majority of my planning and production work has been accomplished in an individual, solo manner.

Going from a solo or silo configuration to productive social knowledge flow sharing methods has been a huge struggle for me. 

I enjoy the brainstorming process, but I must admit I don't always play by the rules.  I love to exercise my intuitve and creative muscles, but I overexert both, sometimes scaring others as well as myself, even shouting to prove a point, when a quieter voice level would be more appropriate.  Heck, I was in theater, by gosh!

In this project, I would like to develop habits to curb my enthusiasm to ensure everyone on my team is comfortable and clearly understanding me and to allow myself to better understand them.

One technique that I have used, sporadically I might add, is to take notes.  By keeping my thoughts focused on note-taking, I have found that I really don't need to make that comment or say something stupid, when I should be listening more.

After viewing the video regarding habits for today's exercises, I see ways for me to change my inappropriate habits with more fun and friendly habits that will faciliate better communication, a shared vision, and cooperative environment garnering more shared goal achievements for the team and myself.




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