Deus Caritas Est

Deus Caritas Est - student project

I love typography and have always been a huge fan of hand lettered posters.

I have been wanting to try out hand lettering for awhile now, but have never made the time to do so. So, this class is finally my excuse to make the time and start practicing my hand lettering! I'd love to start icorporating this style more into my designs, so I can't wait to start. :)

For my phrase,  I chose "Deus caritas est" which is Latin for "God is love".

I decided it would be easier to sketch in Photoshop and then transfer it into Illustrator to get a finished look. Here is my second rough draft, I kind of like the sketched look, but still needs some work smoothing things out and tightening up my flourishes.

Rough Draft 2:

Deus Caritas Est - image 1 - student project

Below is my first attempt at the sort of look (I think) I want to go with...

Rough Draft 1:

Deus Caritas Est - image 2 - student project

My inspiration:

Deus Caritas Est - image 3 - student project

Deus Caritas Est - image 4 - student project