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Deuce Mango's World Tour of Wine

Deuce Mango and Lady Mango decided that trying new and different types of Alcohols is a special way for them to connect.  It started with craft breweries and expanded to Virginia wineriers.  However, there was a major flaw in this, Lady Mango was not familiar with what she was drinking and Deuce found it hard to explain the details of the drink to Lady.  With picking drinks, Lady would choose based on the cute name or labels on the drink.  Lady favorite tastings had always been wines, hence why we signed up for this class.

Deuce and Lady are big travellers however, it is challenging to go from country to country to taste wines.  So, what Deuce decided was when purchasing wines for the two of them, they would try new grapes from different parts of the world.  Lady over time has learned that she likes Moscato and Deuce likes Shiraz, from Australia.  Both enjoy several Virginia Wines, Cab Franc and Viognier, however, it was time to expand.

Deuce Mango's first stop on the world tour took him to Argentina.  A 2011 Malbec Reserve from Graffigna Centenario in San Juan was on the menu.  The wine was a deep dark red.  Upon first taste, the was a instant spicy heat foloowed by a wood flavor.  The wine was very dry and reminded Deuce of some of the Shiraz bottles he has tried.

The next stop on the tour is took Deuce and Lady to Santiago, Chile for a 2012 Sauvignon Blanc by Santa Rita.  The wine is labled 120, to honor the 120 patriots whole helped lead Chile to independence.  The wine is a light yellow with hints of gold in it.  First, they smelled some floral charateristics coming from the wine, followed by a citrus smell.  Upon first taste, They immediatly recognize the dryness of the wine, that is quickly followed up by a lemon-citus flavor, then the floral flavor comes out.  Both Duece and Lady agreed that when you think of sitting out with a bottle of wine to drink on a spring day this could very well be the wine.

There next journey took them to the old world.  Bolognano, Italy. The wine was a 2008 Montepulciano d'Abruzzo by Cantina Zaccagnini. Deuce had to do some research on this one.  This was an old world style wine, using the Montepulciano Grape and coming from the Abruzzo region of Italy.  This wine region is required to have at minimum 85% Montepluciano Grapes and can have up to 15% Sangiovese.  The wine was dark purple and was not very aromatic but, Deuce did get an wood smell eventually.  The wine was dry and smooth, unlike the Malbec it did not have any spicy characteristics.  Lady and Deuce both got some oak and cedar flavors went they first tasted it.  They paired this wine with pizza that was topped with bacon and canadaian bacon and the wine went very well with dinner.  The oak caracteristics really came out with the food.  The downside of this wine was without the pizza the flavors tended to hide and it is very difficult to taste the wine.  Deuce and Lady both felt that this wine would go well with Lady's Lasagna and will probably be purchased the next time she makes it.  They also talked about have to get a second appitizer or desert wine for that dinner.

So interesting thing, Deuce and Lady were planning to head to Spain when at last minute there was a change of plans.  Lady was summoned back to Virginia for the weekend.  That left Deuce to taste on his own.  While wondering through the K-Roger, a luxorious French Wine store not to be confused with Kroger, Deuce happened to find a wine tasting.  During that he encountered a Rose from France, having not experianced a Rose yet he decided that it was off to France.

Deuce was off to the Gard, France in southern France for a 2012 Reserve De La Saurine.  The bottle was labeled a Vin De Pay and was 100% Grenache.  The wine was a clear and pink in color.  The wine had a floral aroma.  The wine had a crisp taste like a white and some tannic characteristics like a red. You could really taste the alcohol.  This was a dry wine, and its dryness seemed to overpower the wine.  This wine was a new experience as the first traditional rose wine for Deuce.  However, it was a disappointment to Deuce and will have to try a different Rose to see if it was the wine of the style.

Deuce's last stop on this tour takes him to Vila Nora de Gaia, Portugal for a Croft Fine Ruby Porto.  This port was deep red almost black.  With an ABV at 20%, the first thing that he smelled was the alcohol.  This was followed by a sweet Black Currant smell.  Upon tasting it you first notice the mouthfeel like a shot of liquor with not as much burn.  You taste the sweetness in the port instead of that burn and Deuce got some black currant and cherry flavors.  There was some spicy taste that came out after a few sips that could be attributted to the high alcohol content.  The wine is very smooth and creamy on the palate.  This was Deuce's first Port and he asked himself why he waited this long to try one because it was very good.

With Lady back home in Virginia, Deuce figured it was time to return home and leave off tasting one other style, The Sparkling Wine.  However, he did find this explinaton of the greatness of Sparkling Wine and figures that he would share it with all.

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Deuce and Lady would like to think everyone for taking the time reading about there WORLD TOUR.

THANK YOU AND GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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