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Detroit is often viewed as a city known for its vast amount of abandoned buildings and high crime rates. In reality, Detroit is actually a really fun, city that is beginning to make a comeback. The downtown area is being revitalized and many businesses are restoring the old buildings back to their former glory. When you think of Detroit, try not to view it as the post-apocalyptic wasteland that the media makes it out to be, and view as a lively place with some of the nicest, most hopeful people you will ever meet.

All of the photos were shot using a Fujifilm XE2 with 18-55mm

1.Street Portrait


For the street portrait I decided to go with a stride by so people wouldn't notice me as much. This man was the most authentic person I captured, his style and attitude fit perfectly into the type of feel I was looking for. I wish I had shot him dead center in the door though.

2. Motion Blur

I have never taken a pan shot prior to looking at this class. They're really fun to take so I'm sure I will continue to use this technique.

3. Look Up

Look ups are always fun shooting. I decided to use this one because it showcases the old architecture of Detroit that makes it what it is.

4. Night Shot

 I decided to use a motion blur for the night shot to get those light trails to contrast better in the dark.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoy the images!

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