Detroit Vs. Everybody

Detroit Vs. Everybody - student project

Yo, my name is Rodrigo Ferrer. I go by the pseudonym @trap_rod on soical media. I'm a freelance photographer from Livonia, MI but base majority, if not all my work in Detroit. 

My inspiration for this project came from a Record Label called Soulection. I discovered Soulection through Soundcloud about a year and a half ago and since then, Soulection has changed my life drastically. The constant positive, rythmic, and etheral vibes I get from their music has inspired me tremendously and I incorportate a lot of what I recieve from their tone and energy in their music, into my work. I have a very extensive music taste as well. anything from jazz, bossa nova, rap, hip-hop, soul, metal, electronic, expieremental, etc. Music is a major muse in my life I and honestly don't know where I would be without it today. Below are the photos I selected for this project. I hope you all enjoy my view on Detroit and the world around me.

1. Framed Image

Detroit Vs. Everybody - image 1 - student project

2. Vanishing Point

Detroit Vs. Everybody - image 2 - student project

3. Candid Portrait

Detroit Vs. Everybody - image 3 - student project

4. Action Shot

Detroit Vs. Everybody - image 4 - student project