Detroit Riverfront

Detroit Riverfront - student project

After watching the video lessons and learning more about the project assignment, I nearly instantly knew what composition I wanted to create. One of my greatest passions is showing the beauty of Detroit and I thought it would be cool to create a collage of geometric shapes to represent our beautiful skyline.

Here is my inspiration photo:

Detroit Riverfront - image 1 - student project

First draft:

Detroit Riverfront - image 2 - student project

At this point, the foundation was set but I knew I wanted to add more to really make the composition look more realistic. I focused next on creating a sunset and showing the reflections of the buildings on the water.

Second draft:

Detroit Riverfront - image 3 - student project

I really liked how it was coming together but I knew something was still missing. I decided to add lights to the buildings to really reflect nighttime city skylines. This part was time-consuming but well worth it because I really like the final result which is below.

I thoroughly enjoyed this project!

Final Image:

Detroit Riverfront - image 4 - student project