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Detroit Food Academy

We're a small educational non-profit in Detroit, MI. Our mission is to support young Detroiters design and build their own food businesses from scratch-to-market. We are gaining a lot of attention and speed currently and I'm most concerned about the "people" side of our organization.

Our organization is made up of a three person co-directorship. We've been a team for about a year and have tried to keep the co-director titles intact because we're not interested in hierarchy. I'd say, at this point, we are a Super Sandbox (as does the assessment).

I think this is because we were all friends before we were co-directors. I'd like to create more productive structures for communication without stifling the spontaneous creativity we have going on.

Unique problems include:

  • We all currently still have other full-time jobs/commitments
  • We try to "hang out" like "normal friends" but it always turns into a semi-work meeting
  • Picking up the slack when others have competing committments sometimes leads to resentment
  • Leadership burnout is quickly approaching


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