Deth Kult Clothing Company

Deth Kult Clothing Company - student project

For a long time now I have been knocking around this idea for launching my own brand of clothing. I have had the name 'Deth Kult' in my head for a long time and even went to the lengths of registering the domain and whatnot in 2011. However, I have never found the time or confidence to fully pursue this ambition. Yet when I saw that this class existed I felt that it was a perfect time to start following my ambitions. 

The original idea came from  an ambition to combine skater clothing styles, and skate deck designs, with a roclk style clothing brand.
Brands with simular style such as Drop Dead, Rebel 8 and Lives&Levels.

The name kind of refers to the skater/extreme sports attidude of pushing yourself to the extremes in a 'no fear', death-defying, death-proof mentality. It is meant in a positive way similar to the Bones Brigade skate team.   

Ultimately I want to use Deth Kult as a platform to showcase my illustration abilities and my typographic skills and design clothing and skatedecks that convey the attitudes of the rock/skate lifestyle.